Consolidating and building on school learning

Supporting home – learning, whether it be with homework or trying to consolidate on what your child is learning at school, can be a daunting experience. The many changes that have occurred in the curriculum, from the introduction of complex grammar to newer calculation strategies, can make it difficult to know how to provide the right level of support needed.

This is a perfectly normal challenge for parents who want to help out at home and your desire to support your child’s learning where possible is to be commended. But, you need not do this alone. Aim High provides a small class based environment where children gain all the help they need to consolidate and build on school learning. With fun, stimulating and engaging lessons, children thrive when given the opportunity to gain the support they need with trickier concepts in, what is, a very challenging Y6 curriculum!

Through my many years of teaching experience, I am able to assess the weaker spots in your child’s learning, whether it is a particular area of maths or with mastering challenging grammatical concepts which are so important in writing. Finding the right help or support for your child can be a frustrating process, but Aim High is able to offer exceptional, high quality teaching. You are entrusting your child in very capable hands.

Year 6 Group Tuition

Year 6 can be a stressful time for both students and parents alike. The weighting that has now been placed on the significance of SATs can feel like there is a great deal of pressure placed on pupils to meet the expected standard and, in many cases, ‘Greater Depth’: this is where I can really help.

As an experienced Year 6 teacher I have taken many children through the rigours of their final year of primary education and I have an excellent track record with guiding children through challenging concepts presented in maths and English within the curriculum. Aim High provides an environment where children can grow in confidence as they begin to master learning objectives; through targeted support and stimulating, well-resourced lessons which capture their interest. It may be that you are not concerned about attainment in the SATs tests but simply wish for your child to feel both ready and confident for secondary school: I can provide all the support they need to help with that journey.

  • positive review  My son's confidence has grown so much with Joel. When I now look through his books all I see are ticks. I am so glad I found him as I was struggling for a long time to find a good tutor who was also reasonable in price. I can not thank him enough as to how much he has helped my son. Thank you Joel

    Jyoti Solanki-Shepherd Avatar Jyoti Solanki-Shepherd

    positive review  My son loves to go to lessons! his knowledge and confidence growing in math!Would highly recommend Joel as a professional teacher!

    Marina Aghdassi Avatar Marina Aghdassi

    positive review  My daughters confidence with her maths has improved no end since she started attending this group. Small group tuition with an excellent qualified teacher in a purpose-built classroom. My daughter seems to enjoy going and comes back full of it. She is now doing her homework independently within 15 minutes compared with two hours and support one term ago.

    Sophie Lawless Avatar Sophie Lawless
  • positive review  I feel very lucky to have found such a superb tutor for my daughter. To my total amazement, she actually enjoys her extra learning after school! My child comes home feeling confident, positive and very happy. Thank you.

    Michelle Newman Avatar Michelle Newman

    positive review  Joel is dedicated to improving his students experience and getting results. I would recommend him to any parent who is looking to help get their child the best results possible!

    Connor Healy Avatar Connor Healy

    positive review  Joel is a highly skilled teacher; he has essential experience of the current curriculum expectations.

    Adam Sutton Avatar Adam Sutton