Every child needs a champion to encourage them along the way.

As a qualified teacher of several years, I have a strong passion for seeing every child unlock their potential and to support them in overcoming any barriers to their learning.

From my time working as a respite worker for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties, I learnt how to understand each young person as an individual, helping to forge strong, positive relationships which underpin so much of what helps children in their learning journey: the establishing of trust which helps children to take risks and flourish from a teacher who believes in their abilities. Of all the pleasures and rewards of teaching, nothing resonates more powerfully than seeing a child grow from one lacking in self – belief and confidence, to a pupil who can achieve things they thought beyond them, supported by a teacher willing them on every step of the way: every child needs a champion to encourage them along the way.

I have learnt a great deal over my teaching career; many rapid and profound changes to the education system and National Curriculum required the developing of many new skills, and I ensured, as a Year 6 teacher, that my practice was of the highest quality by researching and mastering the concepts that are key to the school curriculum.

Joel Sutton

Why group tuition?

Learning alongside other children has many wonderful benefits.

The sharing of ideas and listening to others enables children to gain insight into different ways of thinking and tackling concepts, which is not only good for children’s academic learning but their social development also. Group learning teaches children to be receptive to the different ways people think and interpret the world around them.

As an experienced teacher, I have always found the highest quality learning comes through interaction and discussion, providing children with fresh ideas and approaches to new challenges.

  • positive review  My son's confidence has grown so much with Joel. When I now look through his books all I see are ticks. I am so glad I found him as I was struggling for a long time to find a good tutor who was also reasonable in price. I can not thank him enough as to how much he has helped my son. Thank you Joel

    Jyoti Solanki-Shepherd Avatar Jyoti Solanki-Shepherd

    positive review  My son loves to go to lessons! his knowledge and confidence growing in math!Would highly recommend Joel as a professional teacher!

    Marina Aghdassi Avatar Marina Aghdassi

    positive review  My daughters confidence with her maths has improved no end since she started attending this group. Small group tuition with an excellent qualified teacher in a purpose-built classroom. My daughter seems to enjoy going and comes back full of it. She is now doing her homework independently within 15 minutes compared with two hours and support one term ago.

    Sophie Lawless Avatar Sophie Lawless
  • positive review  I feel very lucky to have found such a superb tutor for my daughter. To my total amazement, she actually enjoys her extra learning after school! My child comes home feeling confident, positive and very happy. Thank you.

    Michelle Newman Avatar Michelle Newman

    positive review  Joel is dedicated to improving his students experience and getting results. I would recommend him to any parent who is looking to help get their child the best results possible!

    Connor Healy Avatar Connor Healy

    positive review  Joel is a highly skilled teacher; he has essential experience of the current curriculum expectations.

    Adam Sutton Avatar Adam Sutton